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Coleus 'Wizard Jade'

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Solenostemon scutellarioides


Also known as the 'Painted Nettle', Coleus is a warm climate perennial that is mostly grown a cool climate annual. Often grown for its abstractive foliage, this plant can provide rich colour and texture to your shaded garden beds where most can't. 'Wizard Jade' produces uniform and basal-branching Ivory leaves edged in vibrant green.

Coleus makes a great indoor plant and can also be propagated by cuttings.

  • Attractive Foliage
  • Heat Tolerant (once mature) and can tolerate temperatures as low as 10.0°C
  • Shade Tolerant
  • Frost tender

Raise Seedlings. 

Seed to plug size: 5 to 6 weeks. Transplant from 6 weeks

To prevent diseases, irrigate early in the day so foliage is dry by nightfall

Sowing Depth Surface sow. Cover lightly with vermiculite
When to sow in Australia

Tropical /Sub-tropical: Early spring, Autumn and winter

Temperate: Spring

Cold: Spring

Germination 14 to 28 days at 16-20°C
Plant Spacing 35cm
Height 30 - 35cm
Position  Shade, Partial Shade