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Sweet Pea Elegance Salmon Cream Pink

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Highly perfumed newly bred variety, especially for early cut flowers.  Stunning colour, with each flower shading from soft pink through salmon to cream. Large, close packed flower stems on 1.8m. climber. Good variety for early, beautifully scented cut flowers, as it produces well during colder, shorter days earlier in spring.


Sow Direct or Raise seedlings

Pre-treatment: Soak seed in water overnight

Sowing Depth 20 mm
When to sow in Australia

Tropical climates: Autumn to Winter

Temperate climates: Late Winter to Spring and Autumn

Cold climates: Spring and Autumn

Germination 14 – 22 days at 18-20°C
Plant Spacing 50cm
Height 180cm   
Position Full sun to