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Agastache Arizona Sunset

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Agastache aurantiaca


A hardy perennial with great frost, heat and drought tolerance, Agastache Arizona Sunset is a fabulous addition to any low-maintenance garden. This quick-growing plant has highly fragrant, grey-green foliage, and during the warmer months, it plays host to tall spikes of pastel hues of pink, lavender and tangerine.

Agastache is an essential specimen for any pollinator-friendly garden since it is attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. High concentrations of certain characteristic oils in the leaves make the plants unappetising to insects and deer alike. They fit well into scented gardens, perennial borders and even herb gardens since people can use their leaves for tea and claim that the flowers are edible. This herbaceous perennial series has been proven to be hardy.


Potting media sandy well drained soil media - no vermiculite. 

Sowing Depth 2mm
When to sow in Australia

Tropical: Spring and Autumn 

Temperate: Late winter to Spring

Cool climate: Spring 

Germination 21-28 days at 18-21°C
Plant Spacing 40cm
Width 20-25cm
Height 20-25cm
Position Full Sun