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Bean 'Madagascar'

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Common name(s): Lima bean, Butterbean

A vigorous climbing bean that has attractive white and purple speckled seeds if left to dry out on the vine, otherwise they can be eaten raw while still white. Each pod can produce up to 3-4 seeds. 

Suited to hot and humid conditions, this variety can produce a harvest for a couple of years dying back in Winter and re-emerging in Spring. The first years harvest may low but expect high yields in the following year.

  • Harvest 120 days
  • Trellis required
  • Frost Tender

Sow direct (After frost)

Soak seed for 24hrs prior to sowing

Sowing Depth 25mm
When to sow in Australia

Tropical: Spring 

Temperate: Spring 

Cool climate: Spring 

Germination 7-14 days at 20-26 °C
Row spacing: 60cm
Plant spacing 20cm
Height 40-60cm
Position Full sun