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Blue Himalayan Poppy

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The blue Himalayan poppy, also known as just the blue poppy is a pretty and hardy short-lived perennial. The plant forms a rosette of hairy leaves, bearing large satiny flowers in a shade of blue.

If you just don’t have the ideal climate growing, there may be no way to grow them beyond one season. Tasmania and some areas of Victoria has the most ideal growing climate. 

Can prove difficult to grow


3 Weeks stratification prior to sowing


Recommended to sow in winter if your climate reaches 0°C. This allows a better chance of breaking the seeds dormancy.

Use a Peat Mix with good drainage. Avoid humidity domes to avoid the seeds from rotting.

Sowing Depth Surface sow, Keep Moist. 
When to sow in Australia

Tropical: Autumn and Winter 

Temperate: Late Winter to Spring and Autumn

Cool climate: Spring and Autumn

Germination 4 to 12 weeks at consistent temperatures of 10 -15°C. Germination can be sporadic. 
Plant Spacing 40cm
Height 50-60cm
Position Dappled Shade