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Dahlia Hi Dolly

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Abundant, bright blooms on dwarf bushes. An explosion of colour, the mix includes oranges, pinks, reds, purples and yellows. They make a top filler in garden beds and are very useful in pots. Their compact growth has no need for staking. The flowers are a mix of singles, semi double and double flowers, growing 5-10cm across. Full sun location.

PLEASE NOTE: When growing Dahlias from seed do not disturb plant for two years before harvesting tubers. 


Raise seedling or sow direct. Well drained soil media

Sowing Depth 5mm
When to sow in Australia

Tropical: Spring and Autumn 

Sun -tropical: Spring and Autumn 

Temperate: Spring and early summer

Cool climate: Spring and early summer

Germination 7-12 days at 21-23°C
Plant Spacing 30cm
Width 20cm
Height 40cm
Position Full sun to part shade