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Doryanthes palmeri

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Common name: Flame Lily, Spear Lily, Giant spear Lily, Illawarra Lily

Giant Spear Lily is a large succulent herb which grows as a rosette. It's hairless leaves are sword shaped and up to 3 m long and 20 cm wide. The flowering stalk is up to 5 m high and bears numerous much shorter leaves to 30 cm long. Each flower head can contain up to 350 flowers. Flowers occur in late winter to spring. The flowers are rich in nectar, often being visited by birds, bees and other insects.

A very adaptable native plant that naturally grows in NSW central coast. The foliage is frost tolerant but flowers can be damaged by heavy frost. Can handle a variety of soils but would prefer well drained and can be grown in a large containers.

  • Evergreen clumping perennial
  • Frost Tolerant
  • Heat and Draught Tolerant once established

Sow Direct (after frost) or Raise Seedlings. Well drained soil media.

Sowing Depth 1cm. Keep Moist
When to sow in Australia

Tropical: Autumn  

Subtropical: Autumn

Temperate: Autumn

Cool climate: Autumn

Germination 2 to 3 Months Days at 21-24° C
Plant Spacing 3M
Width 2 - 3 M
Height 2 - 4 M
Position Full sun. Full sun to part shade