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Hypoestes Pink Polka - dot

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Known as the polka dot plant. An ideal indoor plant to grow from seed without the need of a greenhouse or can make great bedding plants for shade gardens. In cold climates this plant will act like an annual.

  • Heat Tolerant (once mature)
  • Shade Tolerant

Raise Seedlings

Please Note: Too much light can cause leaves to curl

Sowing Depth 2mm
When to sow in Australia

Tropical /Sub-tropical: Autumn

Temperate: Autumn 

Cold: Late Summer to Early Autumn 

Please note:  Once seeds have germinated and seedlings begin to mature 'Growing to finish' temperatures need to be 16-20°C.

This may mean bringing seedlings indoors as the seasons cool down if your climate becomes cold. 

Germination 5 to 10 days at 21°- 24°C
Plant Spacing 30 - 40cmcm
Height 25cm
Position Partial Shade to Full shade