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Juncus Kraussii - Sea Rush

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Juncus kraussii commonly known as salt marsh rush, sea rush, jointed rush, matting rush or dune slack rush, is of the monocot family Juncaceae and genus Juncus. It grows in Salt marshes, estuarine and coastal areas. This species is ideal as a stabilizer in estuary banks and riparian zones that adjoin developed areas, it prevents erosion. Very adaptable. Heat and Frost Tolerant.

  • Perennial Grass
  • Frost Tolerant
  • Draught Tolerant
  • Wet and dry sandy loam, clay loams. Often found growing on acid sulphate soils.

Sow Direct or Raise Seedlings. Well drained soil media

Watering Method: Bog Method/ Capillary

Should readily germinate but smoke treatment may increase germination success. (smoke water)

Sowing Depth Surface sow. Light enhances germination. Keep Moist
When to sow in Australia

Tropical: Late Winter to Spring

Temperate: Spring to Early Summer

Cool climate: Spring to Summer 

Germination 8 to 13 days at 15– 30°C
Plant Spacing 80cm
Height 120cm
Position Full Sun to part shade