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Lisianthus 'Fleur Elisa blue'

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This is a reverse Picotee pattern and very unique. A different pattern which is due to the different seasons; less colour as it warms up.

In preparing to grow Lisianthus, you should be aware of the unique challenges of this flower. Maturity can take 22 to 30 weeks to develop.  Avoid high media temperature of 22°C once seedlings reach plug size as it can induce rosetting, which will cause stunting after the plugs are transplanted. 

A perennial in warm climates and an annual in cooler.

  • Exceptional vase life

Raise Seedlings. Avoid humidity domes while waiting for your seeds to germinate. Instead use the ‘Bog Method’ to keep propagation media moist.

Need direct light. Locate a position where a long days sunlight can be obtained.

Transplant seedlings into pots before they become root bound as this can permanently stunt the plants growth.

Sowing Depth Surface sow, Keep Moist. 
When to sow in Australia

Tropical: Spring and Autumn 

Temperate: Spring

Cool climate:  Late spring 

Germination 8-12 days at 20-22°C
Plant Spacing 50cm
Height 90cm
Position Full sun. Full sun to part shade