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Onion Bunching Winter Ishikura

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Bunching onion “Ishikura” is a outstanding variety of that does not bulb but forms long white stalks. It is a perennial variety that is cold hardy, very adaptable to various climates and resistant to pink root and botrytis leaf blight. It is suitable for later crops and for overwintering.

Pest Repellent: As a member of the allium family, they will help to deter most insects, including aphids, mosquitoes, carrot flies and tomato pests. 



Sow direct or raise seedlings 

Sowing Depth 4mm
When to sow in Australia

Tropical: Spring, Autumn and Winter

Temperate: Late Winter to Spring and Autumn

Cool climate: Spring and Autumn

Germination 7-10 days at 15-25°C
Plant Spacing 15cm
Position Full sun