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Penstemon Strictus 'Rocky Mountain Beardtongue'

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Rocky Mountain beardtongue, with its spikes of bright blue flowers and evergreen foliage, is one of the easiest-to-grow Penstemon. Long-lived, this beauty thrives in most any well-drained soil with full sun exposure. 

  • Frost Tolerant
  • Evergreen Foliage

Prior to sowing; Moist stratification for 2 months. If your winter is cold enough I recommend sowing them direct,

Sow direct or raise Seedlings

Sowing Depth Surface Sow and press lightly into soil Media. Soil media needs to be sandy and have good drainage.
When to sow in Australia

 Tropical: Winter 

Sub- tropical: Winter 

Temperate: Winter 

Cold: Late Winter to Early Spring 

Germination Seeds germinate very irregularly over a long period. Lower temperatures of less than 5°C are very effective.
Plant Spacing 30cm
Height 45cm
Position Full sun