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Phragmites Australis - Common Reed

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Phragmites is a wetland grass that is a fast growing and forms extensive dense thickets. Grows in wet places especially at the edge of ponds, streams and tidal waters. It is a great nutrient soaker and has been used in constructed wetlands and reed beds for that very purpose. Robust rhizomatous perennial which can grow to 4 metres high.

  • Perennial Grass
  • Tolerates frosts 
  • Wetlands

Sow Direct or Raise Seedlings. Well drained soil media

Watering Method: Bog Method/ Capillary

Sowing Depth Surface sow. Cover lightly with sand. Keep Moist
When to sow in Australia

Tropical: All year

Temperate: Spring, Summer, Autumn

Cool climate: Spring to Summer 

Germination 2 - 3 weeks at 10 – 30°C
Plant Spacing 50cm
Height 200 - 400cm
Position Full Sun. Full to part shade