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Ptilotus macrocephalus

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Common name: Mulla mulla, Joey and Pussy tails

A perennial herb that produces upright tufted plumes.  Grows in a variety of habits, including rocky slopes, gravelly environments, clay and swampy soils.

Highly attractive green to white flowers in dense, conical heads up to ten cm in size appear from October to February in its natural habitat. Will grow as a annual in cooler climates.

  • Frost tender
  • Heat Draught Tolerant once established
  • Great for cut flowers

Sow Direct (after frost) or Raise Seedlings. Well drained soil media.

Sowing Depth Press seed onto surface and cover lightly with vermiculite. Keep Moist
When to sow in Australia

Tropical: Autumn

Subtropical: Autumn

Temperate: Spring and Autumn

Cool climate: Spring

Germination 2 to 3 Weeks at 24-27° C. Responds well to bottom heat
Plant Spacing 100cm
Width 50-60cm
Height 50cm
Position Full Sun.