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Achillea Cerise Queen

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This cherry pink red Yarrow is a compact, drought tolerant addition to hot summer days. Yarrow is a pollinator-friendly, easy-to-grow perennial that lights up the garden. Butterflies love yarrow, while deer and rabbits tend to avoid this plant. The lovely, flat-topped flowers make perfect additions to summer bouquets.

As a companion plant Yarrow is extremely good at attracting bees and all sorts of beneficial insects, and this plant is also good at repelling undesirable insects. The foliage is also very good at helping to break down compost so a few handfuls now and then in the compost bin is beneficial.

  • Heat Tolerant
  • Low mounding plant

Raise seedlings in warm environment out of direct sunlight until big enough to transplant.

Sowing Depth Surface sow and cover lightly with a layer of vermiculite
When to sow in Australia

Tropical: Spring, Autumn and Winter

Sub- tropical: Spring, Autumn and Winter

Temperate: Spring 

Cold: Spring and early summer

Germination 7-21 days at 20-23°C
Plant Spacing 50cm
Height 60cm
Position Full Sun