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Tarragon 'Russian'

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Leaves have a strong flavour that is sweet and anise. Particularly used in fish dishes. Also used for flavouring vinegar. 

  • Perennial Herb
  • Ideal for harvesting for dry storage
  • Aromatic and vigorous.
  • Draught tolerant and prefer poor soils

Companion planting:   Eggplant will particularly benefit being located next to Tarragon. 

Tarragon is considered a nurse plant, meaning that its presence in the garden will enhance the flavour and increase the growth of anything it is planted next to. You literally can’t go wrong with planting tarragon in any place in your garden. It also acts as a barrier plant by repelling insects. 

Note: Tarragon needs space to allow air to circulate so be cautious not to plant to compact next to other plants.


Sow direct (After frost) or raise seedling. 

Sowing Depth Surface sow. Keep Moist
When to sow in Australia

Tropical:  Spring and Autumn 

Temperate: Spring

Cool climate: Spring

Germination 7-14 days at 18-21 °C. 
Height 100 - 150cm
Plant Spacing 80cm
Position Full sun