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Xanthorrhoea Preissii - Grass tree

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Common Name: Grass Tree

Xanthorrhoea are commonly referred to as grasstrees, alluding to their tree-like appearance, with stout trunks and grass-like leaves fanning out from the crown. The dense flowering spikes of X. preissii can reach an impressive 3 m in length and are a prominent feature of the landscape in south-west Australia. 

Grass trees grow slowly, but dislike being transplanted, so it is important to plan your garden design and plant them in their final spot in the garden.

  • Perennial 
  • Moderate Frost Tolerant
  • Draught Tolerant
  • Humidity Tolerant
  • Evergreen
  • Can tolerate shade

Sow Direct or Raise Seedlings. Well drained soil media.

Place in a warm shaded or semi shaded position to avoid dying out.

Sowing Depth 3mm. Keep Moist
When to sow in Australia

Tropical: Spring, Summer and Autumn 

Temperate: Spring and Summer

Cool climate: Spring and Summer

Germination 4 to 6 weeks at 18–22°C
Plant Spacing 100cm
Width 70cm
Height 0 -3m
Position Full Sun to part shade